August 7, 2017

The Ledgestone Insurance Open is going on right now and in the middle of all that going on, Chris Dickerson let me interview him. He was happy to talk to me for our short conversation and I learned a lot about the game, practice, prodigy, and plenty of other topics as well!

With most, if not all, interviews I always want to learn about how the individual got their start. With Chris, it was easy “I always wanted to be a pro athlete, more so football but a pro disc golfer works all the same.” With that in mind he practiced and practiced becoming a better athlete. His introduction to Disc Golf was an interesting one too me. He told me a story about his Junior year of High School when “My buddies and I bought an Innova starter pack and just rotated the discs each tee, one hole you would have the driver, then mid, etc.” An odd way to get into the sport but nonetheless he began to grow his talents from there. In his professional career, he has won countless tournaments and placed fifth at thi...

August 3, 2017

Innovativeness, Internationality, Perseverance, and Openness. These are the core values of Discmania Disc Golf and I think they follow these values pretty closely. As a disc golfer myself, I want to be able to broaden my knowledge of various disc golf companies and what they have to offer. So, with that in mind, I reached out and had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Brubeck the Store Manager for Discmania discs.

Discmania is a relatively young company in terms of how long the sport has been around. Chris explained to me that “the “brand” has been around for 11 years while the store in the US has been here for about 6 years.” 11 years is a short time period for a company to be as big as they are. They have grown quickly and impressively since their inception. An unknown to me, which Chris informed me of was that “the company originally got its start in Finland.” Then, the company made a store inside the United States and continues to grow from there. The fact that a company that origin...

July 10, 2017

I recently had the chance to talk with Jonathan Poole, the team manager for Innova Disc Golf. He was a nice guy and was happy to answer a few of my questions and he had some nice answers. We talked about the World Championship and some basic questions as well! Hope you enjoy!

How do you feel your team did? 

Jonathan- "Our team did well. Obviously, we would like to have captured on of the two titles at stake, but Ricky and Paige both proved once again that they are the two best players in the world. It was a joy to watch them both compete at such an amazingly high level."  

What do you look for in Innova players? 

Jonathan- "We look for people who carry themselves with integrity, humility, and professionalism both on and off the course."

What can we look forward to in the coming months from Innova and its sponsored team? 

Jonathan- "Our team is looking forward to the remainder of the touring season. There are still big events on the horizon such as the European Open, Pro Masters World Champio...

July 7, 2017

As some of us may know, Ricky Wysocki just won his second world championship at 41 under par. He is one of the best right now in the professional Disc Golf world. He has won countless tournaments, a 2x World Champion, and all around level headed guy. He currently is sponsored by Latitude 64 and uses a variety of discs in his bag for the tour. 

I got the pleasure to ask him a few questions and he gladly answered them for me! Check them out below:

What got you into Disc Golf?

Ricky- " A local neighbor in Ohio gave me my first disc so then I naturally started playing."

Do you have any pre-tournament rituals? If so, what are they?

Ricky- "Yes, I listen to music, stretch, and warm up with all different types of shots."

What disc is your favorite?

Ricky- "My favorite is either the Harp or the Dagger."

What helps you get out of a slump?

Ricky- " Practicing the part of my game that I fell I am lacking. I will go to an open field and continually practice the shots until I build my confidence back u...

June 29, 2017

The 2017 world championships just finished and I got to catch up with Philo Brathwaite, or as I call him, the wise man of disc golf.

Philo finished tied for 21st with 20 under par. While talking to him, I asked about his feelings on his performance and he said, “it was not the best way to finish, but, I am over it, made my peace, and moving on to the next event.”

To give a small insight on Philo, he has been in the sport “for 17 years off and on and has been pro since 2006.” He has been a 4x SoCal champion and has countless other wins in the B and C tiers. “I have earned my stripes as they say,” Philo told me.

 “I didn’t know there was a professional scene until around that time,” Brathwaite said, during his amateur days in 2004. He then went on to compete in his first event in the amateur scene to strive to be a professional. Then in 2005 he reached a “clicking point” for his career to take off. He told me “I just wanted to be an athlete, I have always had a competitive nature about me.”...

June 24, 2017

Well the last day has come and gone and to no surprise Ricky Wysocki won the championships for the men! He finished the event at -41 and was in a huge lead to the man in second place. I do think that the man in second place is a surprise too me. Paul McBeth came in second place at -33. After a roller coaster of a championship the fact that McBeth finished in second place shows just how unpredictable the World Championship can be. Simon Lizotte and Johne McCray finished with -30 at a tie for third place. Then Devan Owens and Chris Dickerson have a tie for fourth at -28. The men's division was crazy to watch and see how it progressed throughout the week. Johne McCray was in the lead for two days then had a bad game that led to Wysocki taking the lead and running with it and him dropping to a tie for third place. I love seeing the unpredictability of the championship and watching how the event progressed.

As for the women, Paige Pierce was the champion at -7 on the final day. Valerie Jenki...

June 23, 2017

Day 3 came by and the Socki bomb was dropped on the competition. The course was played at W.R. Jackson again and it showed that some competitors knew what to do, and some struggled to move on up. The course as we know is a difficult one with the sporadic trees, narrow tees, and an OB creek that runs through the middle of it. The course is not forgiving and it showed with our two leaders going into today.

If you could not already tell or did not already know, Ricky Wysocki (Below) leads at -33 which is a substantial lead going into the final day. Another story to bring up is that Johne McCray fell to fourth at -24 behind Adam Hammes at -25 and Simon Lizotte at -24 as well. The hope for winning is slim for these guys but there is still a chance. Fort Gordon can cause issues if taken lightly with its long holes and t. Wysocki has to be on his A Game the whole time or he may lose his lead. I think going into the last day, Paul McBeth and Chris Dickerson who both sit at -22 will make a run f...

June 22, 2017

Day 2 came and went and it brought some serious drama with it. As we all know, Johne McCray led the pack going into day two, but, coming out of day two he is now tied for the lead with Ricky Wysocki. Which should not be a surprise, but McCray looked very strong coming out of day one. The course they played on was Fort Gordon which was a beautiful course to see and also had a lot of difficulties as well. The course has a few 1000+ feet holes and some do not provide hardly any wide open shots or open fields that lead right to the tee. The course, more notably, is up hill for most of the front 9 if not some on the back 9. This causes some shots to become substantially more difficult.

My prediction was incorrect, Peter McBride fell short and did not make a come back like I had thought originally. The leader boards for men are Ricky Wysocki (Below Left)  and Johne McCray (Below Right) at -20, Devan Owens at -17, Then Cam Colglazier, Adam Hammes, Simon Lizotte, Paul McBeth, Eagle McMahon, and...

June 21, 2017

It is that time once again for the World Championships in Augusta, GA. The first round did not disappoint at all. The men and women both started on the W.R. Jackson course which is both beautiful and treacherous. The course is littered with trees that can cause some amazing kick backs, but, can cause some OBs as well. The course also has a creek running right through it which is an instant OB and can make headaches happen quickly.

After day 1 the men's leaders are Johne McCray (-12), Cam Todd (-9), Michael Johansen (-9), Chris Dickerson (-9), and Simon Lizotte, Gregg Barsby, Devan Owens, Paul McBeth, Eagle McMahon, and Ricky Wysocki all with -8.  Johne McCray (pictured above) coming out with no bogeys whatsoever and getting -12 on a course like W.R. Jackson is remarkable. A young player to look out for going into day 2 would be Peter McBride who currently sits at -6. He has the ability to hang with some of the veteran players and keep the game interesting. It is anyones game still since...

June 16, 2017

This disc is one of a kind. Quite literally. This is the 2016 limited edition and it is gorgeous. I have the neutron plastic with a royal blue center and white edge. This disk will catch your eye with its looks but its performance will make you want more of them.

The disc itself is a distance driver and I currently use the 175g one because I like to use a heavier disk, but, it ranges from 155g-175g. It is also classified under 21.5 mm. The disc also has a great feel in your hands. The edge is just right and fits in your hand just like it should. The grip is exactly what it needs to be and will not have

many if any slipping issues even in the rain.

The flight pattern holds true to form under any circumstance. It took me a bit of time to get a hold of how it flies but once I got it, it was the disc for me. This disk can give you great distance and that slight curve at just the right time. I will admit that it takes a bit to get the hang of the disc itself and breaking it in took some time.


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