January 25, 2019

After a long time of back and forth, I finally got the chance to talk to Zach Melton and hear his story. His story is one of a kind and it was worth the wait. It was even worth the late-night phone call while Zach was driving to the South Florida Open. Give his story a read and enjoy!

Starting disc golf is different for each person that plays this sport. For Zach, it was a slow start at first, but it picked up rapidly. Zach told me “My older brother was talking to me about a game called frisbee golf when I was in early high school.” He didn’t seem to be all that interested at first, but he soon realized that he caught the bug. He told me that “3 or 4 years later my buddies were asking about disc golf and we then went and played a round.” Just like that, it was history, “we would play about 2-4 rounds per day, I think I even bought a new disc a week back then.” Zach played every day that summer and the passion for the sport grew each day he played.

Zach has been playing disc golf for ten...

January 18, 2019

I have finally done it, over two years of interviews and articles have reached me to the point of this article, number 100. It has been a journey and I have enjoyed every single minute of it. I had many ideas for this article, but I decided that I would answer the questions that I have asked the professionals I have talked to throughout the time I have been doing this. So, I hope you like my story into disc golf and enjoy!

My start into disc golf happened about seven years ago when I was a junior in high school. For the longest time my friend Jacob had talked about a game called disc golf for the longest time. Like the rest of my friends, we instantly thought that he was talking about throwing ultimate discs at a metal basket. But he kept going on and on about having putters, mid-ranges, and drivers so we had to see what he was all about. We eventually went out to our local course, albeit not the most beginner friendly course, but we still played all 18 holes. From that day on I was hoo...

January 11, 2019

Dynamic Discs has been releasing more and more practice round videos and in each one of them there seems to be one common thing, Robert McCall. Robert is the team director for all of trilogy and is also one of the team members of the Disc Golf Answer Man podcast that himself, Eric McCabe and Bobby Brown. After following Roberts career and seeing him commentate on the videos and podcast I had to talk to him and learn all I can about him. He has a great story and is well worth the read. Enjoy!

Starting the sport of disc golf is always different for everyone. Robert started in an interesting way, he started by the fuel of competition and his competitive nature. To start off Robert told me that “I had some friends in high school who won AM worlds doubles in intermediate, they though they were the best.” After hearing about the sport, he played a couple rounds with them and said, “I thought the sport was dumb.” So, originally Robert did not want to even try to participate within the sport, w...

December 7, 2018

Discs are the biggest part of the sport of disc golf. Now, to some, the look of the disc does not really matter. In their case, if the disc flies how they want the disc is considered a win. But, to quite a few people in the community, there is a big case for gorgeous looking discs. The mentality of “look good play good” falls into this. I know personally when I step up to the tee pad and am holding a disc that glimmers in the sun and has a flashy stamp, I just know I throw it farther. All these beautiful works of art on discs must come from somewhere. Well, I got the chance to talk to and learn from disc golf graphic artist Mike Inscho about this world and he had a lot of great things to say. Enjoy!

Before diving too deep into the world of graphic design and art, Mike is also a disc golfer. Before becoming an artist, Mike was in the United States Marine Corps. He told me “once I had gotten out of the Marine Corps, I went to art school and lived in campus housing.” While on campus, he fo...

July 20, 2018

Starting in the world of Disc Golf can be a daunting task. We all had our difficulties at first and we all had to keep going through them to succeed. Now, my assumption is that most people starting when they were in high school or college and played because their friends showed them or by happen stance. But, I don’t think most of you started when you were under the age of 13 and were even thinking of getting sponsored by Innova as well. There is a very confident girl who did start that way though, and her name is Lucy Burks. Lucy is a champion for young Disc Golfers and is taking the game by storm with her confidence and willingness to grow the sport. She is a junior Disc Golfer with the ability of a pro, so give her amazing story a read and enjoy!

When starting as a young Disc Golfer, it can be hard to be able to get out to a course. You have no way of getting there other than by your parents since you cannot drive yourself. But that was no issue since her father, Marcus, already went...

July 19, 2018

So, I have had this disc for a couple weeks and finally put enough rounds with it in order to feel comfortable to talk about it.

This is the newest distance driver from Gateway Disc Sports and it is worth having in your bag.

To start, I have the Apex in Gateway’s premium diamond plastic in pearly blue with a gold stamp. The disc throws just as good as it looks, and the disc is an absolute beauty.

Before throwing the disc I initially thought it was going to be another 12-speed distance driver that dumps hard at the end if you don’t have the arm speed for it. But, I was surprised when I threw it and found it to have not such a harsh finish.

The most surprising aspect of this disc was its glide, it has a glide of 6 and shows that in spades. The disc just goes and goes for easy distance. It was forgiving and didn’t kill me if I had a bad throw once or twice…or more. I found that the glide saved me from over exerting on each long-distance drive, just by having a clean release I found myself whe...

May 10, 2018

Trying to reach out to more than just players in my area or professional is something that I strive for within my interviews. I love getting to talk to players, but, getting to talk to TD’s, company owners, team creators, etc. is just as interesting to me. So, with that in mind and trying to reach out to my local area I came across Mike Beshore. Mike is a player from the Central Oregon area who is the Business Insight Analyst for Humm Kombucha and runs a lot of events in that area. He is a great guy to talk to and has a great story to tell as well. Give it a read and enjoy!

Mike got his start into Disc Golf a few years ago in 2010. He told me “for the first two year I was a one-disc wonder, I threw only a champion eagle.” Which is common for people to do, he did not feel the need to buy or use any other discs. But, he soon grew out of the one-disc days in 2012. He told me “in August of 2012, I ran into a group on a course in PA and saw how these should have been thrown.” It all clicked...

April 30, 2018

There are many ways to share your love for something in this world. You can post about them on Facebook, make groups, organize events, give speeches, write blogs like me, etc. But, one of the more popular ways to get your voice heard and ideas shown is through YouTube. There are plenty of channels on YouTube who focus their videos around Disc Golf. One f the ones that is becoming a household name is Disc Golf Nerd. Disc Golf Nerd has over 5k subscribers and counting, makes all sorts of reviews, and the owner is a pretty cool guy. So, after learning about this channel I wanted to learn more about the person behind the videos. Below is their answers to my questions and I hope you enjoy!

1) How did you get your start into Disc Golf?

I had played disc golf using catch discs and trees as targets a few times years before my first real round
without ever knowing that Disc Golf existed. A friend took me out to play Dabney State Park only a
few days after arriving here in Portland Oregon. I reme...

April 26, 2018

In the grand scheme of Disc Golf, it is hard to make something new and have it work out for you in the end especially when it is a new disc. The reason being is because there are already so many discs out there from various companies. But, there is a company out of CA  who is succeeding in making a new disc and discs to come and they go by "Above Ground Level" discs or AGL for short. They have already released the Cypress driver and it has been a hit since its release. I had the pleasure of talking to Josh, the owner of the company and he let me ask hi a few questions. If you could, take your time and read them below and enjoy!

1) How did you get your start into Disc Golf?

- I went with a friend for what he said was going to be a "hike" in 2011. Ends up that my friend just opened a door...

2) Who or what inspires you to continue to play?

- My wife and daughter. I am a cancer patient and I use disc golf as my main means of exercise. I feel it keeps me going and is great for me to bring the...

April 19, 2018

There is a movement of women growing in the sport of Disc Golf. Each year more join and it is a wonderful sight to see. One of the household names amongst women Disc Golfers and Disc Golfers in general is Sarah Hokom. She throws for Legacy discs and is an amazing person to talk to. Giver her story a read and enjoy!

Starting and staying in this sport can often be difficult. But, Sarah has found a way to stay in the sport for 11 years and running. She told me “I was first introduced in the fall of 2007, in MO at Coil Ridge Disc Golf course.” From that point onward, she continued to play locally and compete with the people around her. After awhile she explained “around the summer of 2008 I worked my way into sanctioned and bigger events.” As she continued to go to bigger events, she got to be where she is, as one of the top players in the women’s division within the sport. However, she didn’t get there without inspiration. Inspiration comes in many forms and Sarah’s comes from within the s...

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