Disc Review-Latitude 64 Gold Line Claymore

June 16, 2017

The gold line in the claymore disc is the premium plastic for this style and brand of disc. The look itself will catch your eye even before you hold the disk. With the bright colors that pop with the logo, the disc stands out amongst other mid-range discs. I currently use the royal blue with copper logo and it gets many compliments on every course I go to.


The feel of the disc is smooth and soft. The domed edge keeps the disc stable in flight and has a slight taper at the edge that will not cause too much drop off. The flight will go for a while when used with the right tail wind on the course.


The disc comes in many sizes, I use the 171g and the disc can go much lower and go up to 180g if necessary. The disc is durable and can withstand whatever you throw it into. The trees, rocks, and dirt are no match for this disc.


This disc will work for any play style and any player. The novice to the pro can and should have this disc in their bag. The gold line plastic is one of the best plastics there is and it passes that statement with excellence. The disc can be used on any course in any weather condition and still be the right mid-range for you.


This disc is the one of the best from what I have used for straight shot at a mid-range. The stability is the key in this disc and I would recommend it. Whether it is the gold line, Opto, or other styles of plastic, the claymore is the mid-range for every players bag.

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