Apex- Apex driver review

July 19, 2018



So, I have had this disc for a couple weeks and finally put enough rounds with it in order to feel comfortable to talk about it.


This is the newest distance driver from Gateway Disc Sports and it is worth having in your bag.


To start, I have the Apex in Gateway’s premium diamond plastic in pearly blue with a gold stamp. The disc throws just as good as it looks, and the disc is an absolute beauty.


Before throwing the disc I initially thought it was going to be another 12-speed distance driver that dumps hard at the end if you don’t have the arm speed for it. But, I was surprised when I threw it and found it to have not such a harsh finish.


The most surprising aspect of this disc was its glide, it has a glide of 6 and shows that in spades. The disc just goes and goes for easy distance. It was forgiving and didn’t kill me if I had a bad throw once or twice…or more. I found that the glide saved me from over exerting on each long-distance drive, just by having a clean release I found myself where I needed to be.


When throwing, I wanted to try every shot I could. From a hyzer angle, the disc seemed to fight up to flat and then have a nice fade into the ground. Throwing a flat release, or as straight as I could make it, the disc had a bit of turn and would then would fight back and end such as the hyzer release did. I was surprised to see the flat release carry for so long straight before turning into a hyzer finish. Lastly, I threw the anyhyzer release. This is where the discs glide came into play and showed its true colors. The disc held the anhyzer angle but allowed itself to slowly turn back over and finish in classic hyzer fashion. The anhyzer provided the max distance that I needed and did it so effortlessly. The turn seemed to not be an issue which was so nice to see from Gateway.


Since it is the summer time in WA, I have not had the chance to throw the disc in any form of wind. So, I cannot say whether it can be used in a headwind or tailwind for that matter. Looks like you yourself will have to find that out on your own.


The disc feels like it has a wider rim than the other drivers from Gateway like the Journey, it wasn’t uncomfortable for me, but I have bigger hands. I would consider this if you have smaller hands and wider rimmed discs give you trouble.


All in all, I think that this disc is a great disc for any level of play. It is a 12 speed so it seems like it might not be for all levels, but it gives easy distance so it is worth keeping in the bag for anyone who is willing to keep one. Don’t be scared by the numbers, the disc is a great driver and another great disc from Gateway Disc Sports.


Thank you to Gateway for sending me this disc, it does have a home in my bag. I have been gone for quite some time now but look out for more coming soon!


Picture Credit goes to Dom Clark (it is not mine, mine is blue but it is just a good reference image)

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