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April 30, 2018



There are many ways to share your love for something in this world. You can post about them on Facebook, make groups, organize events, give speeches, write blogs like me, etc. But, one of the more popular ways to get your voice heard and ideas shown is through YouTube. There are plenty of channels on YouTube who focus their videos around Disc Golf. One f the ones that is becoming a household name is Disc Golf Nerd. Disc Golf Nerd has over 5k subscribers and counting, makes all sorts of reviews, and the owner is a pretty cool guy. So, after learning about this channel I wanted to learn more about the person behind the videos. Below is their answers to my questions and I hope you enjoy!


1) How did you get your start into Disc Golf?

I had played disc golf using catch discs and trees as targets a few times years before my first real round
without ever knowing that Disc Golf existed. A friend took me out to play Dabney State Park only a
few days after arriving here in Portland Oregon. I remember having a lot of trouble throwing the
driver he gave me to use and that experience is part of my motivation to try and help beginners
understand the basics of Disc Golf.

2) Who or what inspires you to continue to play?

I just love the game. I spent a lot of time hiking in the past and now I love being in the woods and
getting to play my favorite game. I am always out there chasing the feeling I get when I execute a shot
exactly how I wanted to. It's very rewarding when I really pure the shot and if it goes in the basket that
is just bonus. All of that coupled with the growth of the game and the excitement of being a part of it
in my own way is just fantastic.

3) What made you want to make videos?

It started with an “In the Bag” video. I liked watching them, and I wanted to make my own. You can
still watch it on my channel actually. From there, I started to make videos explaining some of the
concepts I didn't understand when I started. I felt like I could help the game and new players by
helping them understand their discs a little better. I worry that too many people start playing using the
wrong discs and wrong approach and give up on the game because of frustration. Once you start to
understand how your discs fly and develop the different lines that is when disc golf becomes really
addictive in a wonderful way.

4) What’s a normal day look like for you when making a video?

I make a lot of different content that requires different approaches, but generally my content is very
informational and conversational. So it involves mostly speaking and attempting to convey
information. I will say that my channel is living proof that you do not need a lot of money to make
content. Obviously, you need the basics like a PC and a camcorder but overall my channel is very, very
low budget. These days most smart phones are capable of producing video content quite well really. I
am now trying to evolve my review videos so I am doing more editing than I ever did previously. But
it is still all done on a very basic pc with free software like Audacity and Openshot video editor. The
reviews take the most effort because I do a lot of work just testing and throwing the discs before I can
even start the production process. I don't believe in throwing a disc a few times and then putting out a
review. I will not review a disc until I feel comfortable that I can represent it accurately. After doing
over 175 reviews, I may not have always been successful with that, but I always try.

5) How do you come up with new video ideas?

Part of why I started doing reviews is because I had subscribers for my channel and reviewing discs
allows for a steady stream of content. But for the instructional content, I kinda just make videos about
things I think I understand the best or that I think most beginners do not understand based on
observations on the course and on the internet.

6) Favorite Disc?

This one is tough but, over the course of my time playing, I would have to say the Discraft Magnet.
Beat up orange Soft Magnets are my favorite, but I also putt with the Jawbreaker Magnet. I've gotten
Soft Magnets in the hands of several beginners and friends, and they always seem to work out well. A
few other discs I really love are the Dynamic Discs Trespass, Discraft Thrasher, and the Latitude 64
Fury, Compass, Anchor and Gobi. The Gobi stands out as one my absolute favorite discs to throw for

7) Favorite Course?

Overall, I would have to say Milo McIver in Estacada Oregon. But I really love Stub Stewart State
Park, Buxton Woods, Timber Park, Canyon at Hornings Hideout and several other great tracks out here
in Oregon.

8) Favorite memory within Disc Golf so far?

Probably, my most recent ace. It happened last month and was easily the best shot I have ever thrown.
Perfect downhill turnover with an Opto Fury that went straight into the center of the chains on my
favorite hole at Stub Stewart, Hole 7.

9) What can we expect from you in 2018?

I am just gonna keep the ball rolling with my reviews and various other content. When it comes to the
channel, I just wanna keep showing up and see where it goes. I don't have a lot of expectations, but if I
could eventually turn it into something I can do full time that would be fantastic. I am trying to make
sure I can provide flight footage in my reviews going forward, and I have lots of plastic already in the
testing queue for this year so stay tuned!

10) What do you think you do to help grow the sport?

I have had lots of feedback from viewers saying that I helped them understand a concept or helped
them find a disc that works well for them, and that is very rewarding for me. I think I have been
helpful to the game overall in that way. I am not a pro player so there is no reason to take technique
advice from me, but I can help you understand the basics of disc flight and, hopefully, help you find
your next favorite disc. I have also always made it a point to make sure I respond to as many
comments and questions as I can over the years.

11) What advice could you give to someone who wants to step up their game?

Slow down and focus on being smooth. I see a lot of players who just try to throw way too hard. Slow
it down and don't try to muscle it. Also learn to throw putters and mid ranges off the tee. They are
fantastic tools to dial in your form. I think the most common mistake I see beginners make is using
discs that are too fast or too stable for them. Or are just flat out not designed for what they want them
to do. Fast discs and overstable discs will mask issues with your throw so learning to throw a nice
neutral putter or mid on various angles can greatly improve your control and accuracy.

12) Is there anything you would like people to know about you that they may not?

Not really, no. I would like to connect with more of my viewers on Instagram so follow me on
Instagram @DiscGolfNerd1 if you are a fan of my channel. And if anyone has any questions for me,
they can always ask just shoot a message to


I would like to thank The Disc Golf Nerd for taking the time out of their day to answer my questions and for letting me interview them in the first place. If you would like to watch their videos you can follow this link to their YouTube page: Look out for more coming soon!


Picture credit goes to the Disc Golf Nerd

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