Gateway Disc Sports Ninja, Journey, Prophecy, and Wizard- A Review

April 11, 2018


So, a little while ago I came in contact with the General Manager of Gateway Disc Sports Mason Bailey. After we talked he wanted me to try out and review some of Gateway’s newest discs in their newest Diamond plastic. So, I went ahead and agreed and threw the discs as much as I could over the past couple of weeks. But, I did it in a way that I had never seen before. I did a blind bag test.


Now, what that means is that for the past 5 or so rounds the only discs that I used were the Gateway Disc Sports discs that I had received from Mason. I had no prior knowledge and had no intention of looking anything up about these discs. I figured that was the fairest method and that way I could get the best review out of these discs. So, without any delay, check out my reviews and opinions on the Journey, Ninja, Prophecy, and Wizard. Enjoy!


Journey (12/6/-2/1)



Obviously, this is a high-speed driver, but, it feels like nothing else I have felt before. Which, was a common theme amongst these discs, they have their own unique feel and handle to them. The disc itself is overstable as I threw it but wasn’t aggressively overstable. I found that the disc wasn’t going to punish you on any imperfect throws, it took any angle you gave it and made it easy on you. I let my less experienced friends throw the disc and they still could get 300 feet or more of distance with the Journey. So, it is very user friendly and can be used across all experience levels.  I would say that this disc in the new diamond plastic is worth having in your bag if not at least trying out for yourself and seeing what it is all about.


Ninja (10/6/-1/2)



This disc is so different than anything I have ever thrown. It was way domier than I expected, which wasn’t an issue, but it was a surprise for sure. I usually do not throw domed discs, but I thought this one felt good from the plastic and the grip, so I had to give it its due diligence. The disc wasn’t a disc I used for bomb shots, being only a 10 speed that is to be expected, it has a nice finish and didn’t dump on shots like I thought it might. It has so much glide that it made up for not having the highest speeds. Once I got the hang of it, I loved this disc. I originally wrote this disc off because I could not use it correctly. But, I realized the glide potential and starting using it for those shots. I will admit, I do not know for sure if this disc has a guaranteed spot in my bag, but it is one that I would try out because it could vary by person.


Prophecy (5/5/0/2)


This overstable mid-range is flat as a board. Now, to me that made my disc fly for what seemed like forever even though is was only a couple hundred feet. The disc took a bit of time getting used to because the rim and feel was a bit strange in the hand for me. It had a quick fade and was great after a few throws. I also found it to be a pretty good forehand disc is you want to get yourself out of a tricky spot. With the quick fade and short dump, the disc is perfect for a utility shot in your bag or even a spot where you need a more reliable fade for a disc. This one has definitely found a spot within my own bag.





Ah, the Wizard. The Wizard is one of the most, if not the most popular disc from Gateways disc line. The Wizard is a stable-overstable putter depending on the plastic and type you receive. I had received two types, a super stupid soft and a super glow. For putting, they both flew very well. I usually throw beadless putters but this one works for me. The bead on the rim doesn’t feel uncomfortable and the disc feels really good in hand. I used the SSS mold for my putting and it is staying in my bag. It is also nice that the disc itself was gorgeous with its orange and yellow swirled pattern. The super glow disc I used for my short upshots and short drives and I loved it. It held its line no matter what I did to it and was great for approach shots. The disc has held the test of time within the company and it is easy to see why. The Wizard should be a staple in everyone’s bag.


Overall, these discs are worth having in your bag or at least trying out. Gateway Disc Sports is making some great plastic and some great molds, and I can’t wait to see what they come out with next. I would like to thank Mason Bailey and Gateway Disc Sports for sending me these discs to try and review. If you would like to learn more about them, you can visit their website at or follow all their releases on Instagram at @gatewaydiscsports. You can also visit to see the new drops every Friday! This week they are dropping new apparel so be on the lookout for that. Look out for more coming soon!


Picture Credit goes to Gateway Disc Sports

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