Family Man- Lasse Jansson Q and A

January 31, 2018



As I continue to reach out to people, I get the opportunity to learn more and more about various people and places. One of the newest people I have talked to and interviewed is Lasse Jannsson of Sweden and who throws for Discmania. He was a great person to talk to and get to know. Check out his story and enjoy!


1) How did you get your start into Disc Golf?


- I was first introduced to disc golf in the mid 90’s by my uncle who played all the frisbee sports. In 1999 new beginner friendly course was put in in my home town and a few of my friends and I started playing more often. After a few years of playing a couple of times a year I bought a few more discs and started to practice in the field. I got good fast and started to go to weeklys, this was around 07. My first PDGA tournament was in -08 where I played AM1. In 09 I went Pro and haven’t looked back since.


2) Who or what inspires you to continue to play?

- It’s just passion to the sport and the curiosity of what it will bring around the corner. You never know who you will meet on the course. I have met most of my best friends on the course. I, as many other strive to be a better golfer. That is also a motivation of course.


3) What made you want to go pro?


- There’s not that many AM-tournaments here in Sweden. Once your rating is above 935, you basically have to play Pro. At least it was like that in -08.


4) What is it like to be sponsored?


- What can I say, it’s awesome! I still remember the phone call that I got from Tommy Bessner who offered me a spot in Team Discmania Sweden.


5) What is it like to be on Team Discmania?


- I really like it. The company isn’t the biggest but that makes it more like a family. Our team manager is always helpful and the discs are amazing. Now a day Discmania has a full line-up of disc and releases 2-3 disc a year. I really like that. Keep it simple. I always try new discs, but rarely put in new mold in my bag.


6) Favorite Disc?


- If I have to choose, I have to go with Discmanias D-line P2. It’s so versatile. Out of the box it’s stable with a reliable fade, but once beaten in it’s a straight flier that goes for days. Close runner up is S-line PD. Mainly that it’s also so versatile, stabile out of the box but once beaten in it goes boom. I often outdrive my S-PD2 with a seasoned S-PD.


7) Favorite Course?

- Järva DiscgolfPark- No contest.


8) What can we expect form you going into 2018?


- Travel a bit in Sweden for our National Tour and other bigger tournament. You will also find me locally on a few one day C-tiers. Nothing abroad as it look now, but hopefully I get a chance to the European Championship in Croatia for Sweden.


9) Do you have any pre-tournament rituals? if so, what are they?

- If it’s a new course I like to check old videos or call a local and ask for tips. Other than that I don’t have a specific ritual. Usually I put for 10 minutes. Then I head out on the course playing a few critical holes and then back to the putting green before player meeting.


10) What advice could you give someone who wants to step up their game?


- A lot of putting and field practice with a couple of friends. Make a game out of it and push each other. Learn to throw putters straight and clean. Once you can do this, everything else becomes easier.


11) What has been your favorite disc golf memory so far?


- Winning a national tour at my home course. Runner up was to have the opportunity to represent Sweden in The European Championship -16.


12)What do you think you do to help grow the sport?


- Well, as of May -16 my job is to grow the sport with the concept DiscGolfPark here in Sweden. Other than that, I’m hosting tournaments, clinics and trying to be a good ambassador for the sport on and off the course.


13) Is there anything else you would like people to know about you that they may not?


- I’m born 1984, live in Uppsala, Sweden with my wife and a two year old son. In 2016 I started working for Innova Champion Europe as an account manager/course designer. As I said in the first question. You never know what doors Disc Golf might open. You can follow my Disc Golf adventures on Instagram with the handle @lassejanssonDG .


I would like to thank Lasse for taking the time our of his day to answer my questions and for letting me ask him these questions. If you would like to know more about Lasse, you can follow him on Instagram in the link above! Look out for more coming soon!


Picture credit goes to Lasse Jansson


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