Practice, Practice, Practice!- Cameron Sheehan Q and A

January 8, 2018



As I expand my reach in my home state of Washington there are so many people I have not met yet but there are a few I am learning more and more about. One of these new individuals is Tri-Cities own Cameron Sheehan. Cameron throws for team prodigy and is an up and coming player within the sport and has a bright 2018 looking out for him! He was an awesome guy to talk to so enjoy!


1) How did you get your start into Disc Golf?


I'm not sure how long ago it was, but my first ever disc golf round happened when i was younger, maybe 14 or 15. My father took my brothers and I out to Columbia Park with his friend, Steve Carson, and his sons. A few years later, when I was around 18 I found my dad's bag of discs in a closet in our house. This was when I was just starting college and it turned out Columbia Park was halfway between our house and the college. So, in April of 2011 I started golfing every day after classes on my way home.

2) Who inspires you to continue to play?


My biggest inspiration for continuing to play would definitely be Jared Person who lives in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. He is also a lefty on the Prodigy Team. I met him a couple years ago and we have been good friends ever since. His dedication to the game and want to be a better player is something I love seeing and striving towards.


3) What made you want to get the title of “pro “?


I couldn't really play many tournaments the first 4 years, but in 2016 I went full time with my job which allowed me to play more tournaments. I felt like my game was good but I wasn't sure if it was good enough to play well in the professional division and didn;t want to call myself a professional player until I won. I ended up jumping up to the professional division in the start of 2016. My first tournament as a professional went extremely well. I played consistently in high winds and I ended up winning it in a playoff against a another local pro. After that win I felt I earned the title of a professional discs golfer.

4) What’s it mean for you to be a hometown hero?


I don't like to think of myself as a hometown hero. I feel like that title has a lot more meaning than where I am as a golfer. I like to see myself as one of the top hometown professionals. But being able to stay consistent does not make that title any easier to have.

5) Favorite Disc? 


Prodigy 400g D1

6) Favorite Course?


Tough question, but I would have to say Fort Steilacoom Park in Seattle, Wa.

7) What’s it like to be on team prodigy?


It is definitely an honor. I have spent two years on the Street team and definitely learned a lot about what it means to be playing not only for myself, but also a group of people that believe in me.

8) What can we expect from you in 2018?


Hopefully a lot of good consistent golf. I definitely want my rating to get higher, and to have a better putting game. 

9) What advice can you give to players who want to step up their game? 


Practice, Practice, Practice! Also, I have learned if you want to be better, play with better players. It is definitely not a bad thing to go out and play with your friends, but you should find a local professional and watch him/her a lot and learn from what they are doing. Do not be scared to ask questions.

10) Do you have any pre-tournament rituals? If so, what are they and why?


I try to get a good night sleep and drink as much water as I can the night before, that way I am hydrated. I wake up, shower, and stretch out for a good 10-15 minutes so I am limber and then I eat really anything for breakfast.

11) Whats a good starter pack for anyone who hasn’t thrown Prodigy before?


I would definitely recommend starting people with a mid range and a putter. Once their throwing form has gotten better and more consistent then upgrade to a driver and throw it the same way.

12) Is there anything else you would like people to know about you that they may not? 


I have 7 siblings. 2 biological brothers, 3 adopted sisters (2 Vietnam and one China), and 2 adopted brothers (China). 


I would like to thank Cameron Sheehan for letting me ask him these questions and taking the time out of his day to answer these questions! If you would like to know more about him you can find him on all forms of social media! As well as you can find out more about prodigy at ! Look out for more coming soon!


Picture credit goes to Cameron Sheehan

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