Friction Gloves - A Review

January 2, 2018



There are many accessories in the sport of Disc Golf. Towels, score keepers, Minis, etc. One of the most interesting ones is gloves. It is not very often you see professional Disc Golf players use gloves while playing. I don’t know if its based on individual people or there is a stigma behind it, but you do not see gloves being worn all that often. With that being said, there is a company based in Portland, OR called Friction Gloves who is trying to help break into the sport of Disc Golf.


Friction Gloves designs gloves meant to be worn in the weather for the PNW. They designed their gloves to withstand against rain, snow, cold, hot, whatever it may be for the weather outside. They originally made Ultimate Frisbee gloves but have recently made gloves worn for Disc Golfers. I got a pair of these gloves from Friction themselves and wanted to see how they felt and worked when I went out and shot a few rounds.


When I played my first round I was so quick to write off these gloves as a loss. I kept grip locking and flinging my discs so far right I lost two of them. But, I calmed down and that same day I got calls to pick up my two discs. So, I decided to give the gloves another shot and played a round the next day, that’s when I was sold on them.


The gloves themselves fit true to size based off the size chart online, whether you have big or small hands they will work for you. They have a lining on the inside of the glove to keep your hands warm and it does just that. I played in the snow and they kept my hands warm throughout the entire round without being too bulky or uncomfortable. They also do what the website says and hold your grip when your discs get wet, even with my towel I could not try my discs completely, but I had no worries when throwing with my gloved hand. Not only are they warm and grippy when wet but they are lightweight too. They did not feel like I was wearing a glove while I was playing which made them more comfortable to play in and throw as well.





The grip on the gloves was different and somewhat hard to get used to for me. I was not used to the rubber palms and extra grip on the fingers. When I threw it my first couple of holes I was not used to the way the gloves stuck to my disc. Off drives and approach shots I noticed I shot farther to the right than I had originally intended. This was corrected by adding a bit more hyzer and some corrections on my aim, but, it was a shock to see the difference in shots. After I realized what they could do, I made my shots adjust to the glove and had a better go at my rounds. My drives and approaches may have been different, but, my putting did improve. The grip helped my putting feel good and fly true even on the more difficult shots.



Overall, I think that the gloves are worth a shot while playing, especially in the cold. I have yet to try them out in the sun and heat, so I cannot speak to how they play in those conditions. But, I can imagine they play well in all types of weather. I would recommend before you hit the course or a tournament with them that you get used to the grip and feel of the gloves. They are great for this season and even if you only throw one on for putting, I say they are worth the investment.


I would like to thank Friction Gloves for sending me a glove to try out and review, it will be a great addition to my bag for this season at least. If you would like to try out and get one of these gloves you can visit them at to learn more about them and buy some gloves as well!


Friction gloves logo credit to Portal Disc Sports

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