Cool as a cucumber- Kyle Crabtree Q and A

January 2, 2018



Talking to people all across the country and world are some of the best things about what I do. However, learning about and meeting my local pros is something I never thought I would enjoy the most. Kyle Crabtree is the most recent local pro I got to talk to, he is from Washington State and has been throwing for Innova for 15 years heading into 2018. He was a pleasure to talk to so give it a read and enjoy!


1) How did you get your start in Disc Golf?


I tagged along with my older brother and his friends a few times just messing around.  I didn't really start playing everyday until I moved to Huntington beach in 2004.


2) What’s it like to be one of the best in the PNW?


It's humbling, I'm very competitive in a lot of things I do.

3) Who did you look up to when you first started playing?


I looked up to Mark Collicot, who taught me a lot when I first started playing and of course Steven Rico. Few other names are Chris Kunde, Chris Brophy, Matt Roulette.

4) What is your favorite course?


De Laveaga in Santa Cruz, CA

5) What is your favorite disc?


Champion Glow TL

6) How does it feel being a pro?


I take a lot of pride in playing at a high level, and I demand a lot out of myself even in casual rounds.

7) What was it like winning your first tournament?


It was awesome.  2005 Scott killian memorial (Huntington Beach, CA) I was playing with some big names.  I excelled in the windy round 2 and hung at the top after round 3.  I remember saying to my friends "well, at least I get to start the final 9 with a one stroke lead"  playing with Steve Rico, Chris Kunde, and bobby Musick.  I maintained hole for hole with those guys picking up 2 strokes somewhere and won my first B tier over Steve Rico by 3 strokes.

8) What’s it like to be on team Innova?


It's cool.  When I was offered a spot on the team in late 2005 there was only innova and discraft.  2018 will be my 13th year on Team Innova.

9) What advice can you give to a young player who wants to step up their game?


Simplify your bag to about 15 discs or less.  Learn the proper technique, (mimic a baseball swing, using your legs and core) and don't try and do too much.  

10) What is your favorite memory so far in Disc Golfing?


Coming back in the 2008 USDGC putting competition beating Eric McCabe to win my first of Two USDGC putting Titles.  (2008 & 2010)

11) How are you trying to grow the sport?


I'm not really at the moment, I play my local doubles and volunteer at my local course when I can.  I work full time, with a wife and two kids I hardly have any time to practice.  My wife is really supportive when I have a tournament so I try to be a good a role model as I can for the up and coming generation.

12) Is there anything else you’d like people to know about you that they may not?


Usually when I'm on the course preparing for a tournament, I'm all business.  People often take that as unfriendly or rude, but I'm not.  Most people that have gotten to know me have become friends of mine. 


I would like to thank Kyle for letting me ask him these questions and for taking the time out of his day to answer them! If you would like to learn more about Kyle you can find him on social media and find out more about him through Innova! Look for more coming out soon!


Picture credit goes to Kyle Crabtree

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