Mayhem- Jim Mayes Q and A

December 27, 2017



I always enjoy talking to new people and learning their stories about Disc Golf and their careers within the sport. Now, I know that "Mayhem" is not a name that makes you think of a nice and friendly person. But, when I got to speak with and interview Jim Mayes from Team Kastaplast, is was nothing near Mayhem. He was a pleasure to talk to and he is not as scary as his name makes him. Enjoy!


1) How did you get your start in Disc Golf?


I stopped playing ball golf after a wrist injury and got into ultimate. That was lots of fun, but the wear and tear on my body was taking a toll. I heard about “Frisbee golf” from another ultimate player so decided to give it a try. I went to Dunham sports and picked up a 4 disc Innova starter set. All I played for the first months was a woodsy 9 hole course called Bandemere, but I was hooked!


2) Who inspires you to continue to play?


I can't think of a “who”. The game itself is my inspiration. This is the most enjoyable and yet challenging pursuit I have ever had. The great courses. The new places. The amazing competition and all of the cool people. These are my inspiration.


3)What made you start accepting money and be considered a "pro"?


I am not a pro as I always take merchandise instead of cash in pro events. With the rules changes coming, I may reconsider that. The dilemma is that I want to play in as many tournaments as possible and staying amateur gives me the most options. (see #9).


4) What did it feel like to be asked to be sponsored?


I was so honored that the folks at Kastaplast wanted me on their team. Sponsorship is a recognition of accomplishment and it felt great! My wife Jean got to hear about how great it was for weeks after 😉 


5) What is it like to be  a part of Team Kastaplast?


I promoted Kastaplast before I joined the team, now I do it more! I love talking with the other team members and comparing notes. So many people come up and ask about the company and the discs, its so much fun!


6) Favorite Disc?


I have two favorite discs but you have to promise not to tell the other discs!

Reko because my putting game has improved dramatically since I switched to this disc. The impact on my tournament results has been astounding.

 Falk because it is now my go to disc in so many situations. I recently played a tournament on a wooded course and threw the Falk for almost every tee shot. The control is awesome.


7) Favorite Course?


The Toboggan course at Kensington Metropark in Milford MI

This is such a great test of skill and the fact that it is only available for a few weeks each year makes it even more magical. This year is a rare opportunity because both the AMNats and the DGLO are going to use the Toboggan course!


8) Do you just tour in Canada or do you travel to the US too?


So far I have only played in the US, but I really want to play in Canada and Europe.


9) What can we expect from you in 2018?


Lots of tournaments and lots of Kastaplast!

Tim Selinske Masters (IN)

AMNats (MI)


Brent Hambrick Memorial (OH)

AM Worlds (NC)

Masters Worlds (KS)

Michigan State Championships (MI)

Many A, B and C tiers


10) What advice do you have for players who want to take their game to the next level?


Practice: This does not mean go to a field and see how far you can throw. Serious practice is working on every aspect of your game, especially putting. 50% of practice time should be devoted to putts and short approaches.


Educate yourself: Take lessons, watch videos, watch high level players.


Play different levels: Play at your level so you can learn how to compete. Play above your level so you can see where you need to improve.


11) Is there anything else you would like people to know about you that they may not?


I am an amateur juggler.


I would like to thank Jim for taking the time out of his day to let me talk to him and for answering these questions! If you would like to know more about him, find him on social media and keep an eye out for him in 2018! Look out for more coming soon!


Picture credit goes to Jim Mayes

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