Taking the Game by Storm- Discboyz Q and A

September 27, 2017

It is not very often that you see someone who is known through there social media presence in the world of Disc Golf. But, the two guys on the Discboyz page on Instagram, Mathias Langfelt and Karsten Tonnessen, are just that. I found them through their page and I was hooked and had to talk to them. They post all sorts of videos including the most infamous ones being their trick shot videos. They are wonderful people to talk to and I hope you enjoy the answers below!


1) How did you get into Disc Golf?


We got introduced to the sport by some close friends who were already into disc golfing. We tried it a couple of times, bought some discs, and all of the sudden we were hooked.

2) What made you want to do trick shot videos?


The trick shots were the result of a rather relaxing and partly boring summer vacation. We played a lot through July, and in the evenings we started doing some experimental shots in the backyard. It turned out to be quite fun so we started taping it. Then we figured that we had to show them to people, and that is the birth of Discboyz.

3) How did you grow your brand? 


We do not have any particular strategy and at the moment we are only promoting our brand through Instagram. We mainly want to front disc golfing as a fun sport that can be played by anyone, although it can be frustrating. Therefore, we always do our trick shot videos with a little sense of humor. We have, however, had some basic courses for kids in Oslo as part of growing the sport.

4) Who is your favorite Professional Disc Golfer?


We do not have any particular favourite, but as disc golfers who enjoy doing trick shots, we must admire Simon Lizotte.

5) Favorite course?


The sport is luckily growing fast in Norway these days and there are many new courses!

We are always trying to play them, but we have spent most of our time in the south of Norway and in the capital, Oslo. Our favourite course where we play regularly is Kloppedal Disc Golf course. It is located in Arendal (southern Norway). It is a nice course with 28 holes, mostly in the woods with beautiful surroundings. We also have to mention the beautiful, but brutal, ”White Course” at Ale Disc Golf Centre just outside Gothenburg, Sweden.. We have only played there once but we will definitely return soon!

To mention one more course that we love, we would have to say the Holmenkollen course! The city view combined with the lovely woods around there is just fantastic! There are many short distance holes, but with a lot of obstacles. Perfect for some straight putter drives.

Some of the holes offer a great distance for nice drives as well, so the variety is good! 10/10

6) Favorite disc?


We have not been playing for that long, but we have had the opportunity to try a decent range of discs. As we have mentioned on the discboyz profile we truly love the disccraft


“Buzzz”. It´s a really usable disc that can help you out in many situations on the course, and the way it flies away in a straight line given a great spin is lovely!  Mathias?

7) What advice do you have for individuals wanting to get better at the sport? 


We are always trying to play and practice in an effective way, it is important for us to focus on some parts of the game at a time. Is your sidearm pretty sloppy? Well try a hole round just using your sidearm. Not any fancy advise, but it´s working! It’s also important to really get to know your discs and we always like to do a round just using a few of our stack.

8) Are you trying to go pro?


As you can see in our discboyz profile we like the mix of making smooth trick shots and playing to get our score cards at a good level. So at this point in our disc golf career we are just playing and practising at a hobby level, but are soon ready to join some competitions. To step it up to a pro level requires a lot, so we are not thinking about going pro. But you never know!

9) How are you trying to "grow the sport"? 


We love the sport and the fact that everyone can play with just a small amount of equipment. We always try to recruit new friends and almost everyone we have taken with us to the course have had a lot of fun. The discboys profile is absolutely a great way for us to get new people into disc golf by showing them the many sides of the sport.


I would like to thank the guys on the Discboyz page for letting me ask them some questions and taking time out of their day to answer them for me. Follow them on all forms of social media and go see what they are about!


Picture credit goes to the Discboyz


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