Young Gun- Dylan Lhotak Q and A

September 14, 2017

We all have to start somewhere within our careers, whether that be in a job or in a sport. Most people do not enjoy being in that area and want to get out as quick as possible. But, this 21 year old freshly professional Disc Golfer has a positive outlook and attitude for his situation and status. Dylan Lhotak is a name that I heard through the grapevine when talking to members of Discmanias team. I decided to look up on him and he is crushing the amateur world right now and moving into the pro scene with a full head of steam. He is a great person to talk to and is wise beyond his age. I got the chance to ask him some questions and here are his answers! Enjoy!



1) What got you into Disc Golf?


Well I was about 6 years old and my dad asked if I wanted to try a new sport. I said yes. Went in my spongebob flip flips & was hooked instantly!


2) Who did you look up to when you first started?


My dad, cousin Adam, tom & Trudy .... then eventually Nikko Locastro, David Wiggins Jr, Avery Jenkins 


3) What is it like being sponsored?


It's a dream come true. I have visualized , dreamed, fantasized and believed for years that I can eventually become a sponsored professional disc golfer & now it has manifested into my life. I am extremely thankful.


4) What can we look out for from you the rest of the year?


I'm gonna mostly likely play my last 2 A-Tiers and finish Out the season strong. I may add in a couple local b or c tiers as well. 


5) Do you have plans to go pro?


 I actually Accepted my first cash payout at my local home course tournament at the beginning of September!


6) Whats it like to be a part of the Discmania team?


 It's another dream come true. I always wanted to be on team Innova & then when Jussi came out with discmania I strived for either or due to the fact they both have a great relationship with each other and I liked how many up and comers who are now basically legends started with Innova and or discmania.


7) Favorite Disc?


Hard to say but I'll say one cause the last 3 days it's been in my hand even when I'm not throwing haha. It's a s line P3X that discmania just came out with. Other then that I have many favorites!


8) Favorite Course?


 Another hard one! I'd have to say either renny gold in the Carolinas, Winthrop gold, or The Temp Course for Ledgestone. 


9) What advice can you give someone who wants to take their Disc Golf game to the next level?


 I'd say to NEVER stop believing. To not have hope... but faith because faith is way stronger then hope. To visualize precisely exactly what you want, to figure out what manufacture you'd love to represent and learn it all their product! And last to completely work on every aspect of your game you can, learn to LOVE to putt and get to a point where you are EXCITED to bang that putt. Learn to throw flippy plastic straight and learn to throw your putters on any line needed.


10) What is your favorite memory so far being an AM?


Well my favorite memory I'd have to say was my 2017 season. I had a plan to play 3 very big AM tourneys.  Bowling Green, AM Nationals and AM Worlds. I took 1st, 2nd & 2nd. I learned so much, my dad and I had dreamed of playing those tourneys and being up there in the mix and for it to come true was just the best feeling in the world, words can't even describe it. But the amazing thing is in our eyes ... that's just the beginning!!


11) Do you have any pre-tournament rituals?


 I sure do. Drink lots of water, always stretch for atl east 15-20 mins. I make sure to get at least 30 putts in. I throw 10 forehands to get the forehand nice and loose and then throw my putters. I start off smooth with stand stills nice and easy then eventually throw full power. I make sure to throw at a basket in the wide open and keep my shots within 10-15 feet to make sure my throw is feeling confident and my timing is right. Then more stretching and water drinking!


12) Is there anything else you would like people to know about you that they may not?


Not really anything. I played baseball, basketball & wrestled a little. I like video games and all sorts of music! 


I want to thank Dylan for letting me ask him some questions and taking the time out of his day to do so. If you want to know more about him you can read his bio on or find him on various social media platforms! Keep an eye out for him next year and hopefully another interview as well! 


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