All Smiles- Eric Oakley Q and A

August 24, 2017

While playing Disc Golf we all have struggles maintaining a positive outlook. Whether that be from a bad shot, you miss a drop in putt, or its the third time you have been OB that round. It is a difficult skill to master, but, the man I got the opportunity to interview and ask some questions finds it easy. The man I am talking about is Eric Oakley and he shares about his adventures so far, how to keep a positive mindset, and much more below!



​1) How are you Feeling after the LIO? I know first is the goal but how do you feel like you did?



Honestly, anytime I can average over my rating I feel as if I have achieved something. In this case I was in a good position to be well above my rating, but the wind and OB really got to me. I never felt like I was throwing the disc poorly, I was trusting my discs, I just happened to missing by just a little bit. 


2) What tournaments do we have to look out for you at for the rest of the tour?


PFDO, Vibram, and Green Mountain Championships, these are all for sure. I am really looking forward to GMC, it is one of the best events we play all year and one of my favorite courses in Fox Run Meadows.



3) How is it playing for Dynamic Discs?


It is incredible. I feel like I am a part of one big family. The whole company has my back and wants to see me succeed. When there are so many great employees grinding it and working hard to make the company better, it is easy for us to do the same on the road. I want to work hard for them each and every day. I am truly thankful to be in this amazing family.


4) What is your favorite part about being a pro?


Seeing and meeting disc golf people. The disc golf community has such a great way of making you feel welcome even in a city you have never been before.


5) Do you get noticed often in public?


Not too much, but it has happened and is really fun. Tina and I are working hard to have a strong social media presence so we feel accomplished if we do get noticed.


6) Favorite Course?


Fox Run Meadows in Vermont. It's a course that forces you to throw multiple great shots while managing your game well.


7) Favorite Disc?


Lucid Felon. I carry 5 different Felon's in my bag from Overstable to Understable. I trust myself anytime I have this disc in my hand.



8) From the videos I have seen, you seem to be the one who is always in good spirits and having fun. So, how do you keep that composure in tough situations?


It can be very difficult at times, we are all human and we can get fired up, but what I have realized is I would much rather smile and enjoy each and every round no matter if it's good or bad. I feel better if I kept my head up and stayed positive. When you break our sport down it is a game, and games are meant to be fun, so I try and have fun every chance I can. 


9) What is some advice you can give to players who want to take their game to the next level?


Throw, keep throwing, and work on every aspect of your game. Watch yourself throw and make adjustments and be willing to accept criticism. 


10) What do you want people to know about you that they may not?



I am a huge Soccer fan. I follow Juventus and Chelsea, and have been lucky enough to travel to Europe to watch games with my father. 


11) Who did you look up to when you first started playing Disc Golf?


Steve Brinster, I watched an old USDGC video from the early 2000s and saw how he threw and I think it had some impact on my throw. Plus after meeting him, I think it was right in looking up to him, he's a great person and golfer. 


12) How did you get your start in Disc Golf?


My soccer buddy asked if I wanted to go play after a soccer practice, I threw it 2-3 times and was hooked. 


13) Did you always want to be a professional Disc Golfer?


I realized about 4-5 years ago it was something I wanted to pursue. It took a lot of work to just scratch the surface of what I feel like making it is. You have to be ready to grind every day.


14) What is your favorite memory over the years of playing?


Winning my first tournament at Fort Steilacoom last year, meeting Tina Stanaitis at USWDGC in 2015, or anytime I have had the opportunity to help a new player reach a new plateau in their game.

I want to thank Eric for the opportunity to ask him some questions while he is on the road. I also wish him the best of luck and congratulations on his recent engagement to Tina Stanaitis! If you would like to keep up with Eric, you can follow him on his various social medias and you can always check out for updates as well. 


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